Hurricane Katrina touched land at 175 miles/hour on August 29th with a fury of relentless destruction and thousands of survivors have become homeless. All the top cable-television media networks have begun to make assumptions and accusations of who is and who is not responsible for the deaths of thousands. In the middle of this historic tragedy the major cable networks, who are responsible to report “Facts”, are creating friction and discrediting the recovery response to the devastating areas. These powerful cable networks are CNN, MSNBC and FOX

It is my understanding that the media is suppose to report physical “Facts” concerning the relief efforts but all I am seeing and hearing is accusations and assumptions with absolutely no evidence to support them. These networks solely concentrate on hypnotizing the viewers with a continuous loop of brainwashing suggestions that create a controversial atmosphere. The present state of America  is very timid and unstable, so why create more havoc? America is in the middle of a controversial war in Iraq and struggling with terrorists around the world, why do the major news networks exhaust all their efforts on negativity towards the rescue of the devastated inhabitants of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Kentucky and Georgia. As you can see on the animated radar loop above, this was a massive, category 5 hurricane which covered a lot of ground, destroyed a lot of property and more importantly, killed thousands of people. Why make this a political forum, we are not in need of this negativity right now. When viewing the cable news coverage on the hurricane and any media coverage report of this magnitude, that goes on for a long period time, we must be more objective. We have to see both sides of the story, we cannot jump to unsupportable conclusions, just because some well-combed man or some heavily-makeup women indicates to us with a confident reassuring voice, what is the truth and what isn’t.

These so-called experts host their own “Show”, they are just working to establish good ratings, no matter what it takes, they will try to stir things up to a point where they would suggest something or make a prediction of what is going to happen. These news agencies usually begin their accusations like this, “There is growing concern” or “Many sources are saying” or “There are many reports saying”, “Others are saying”, so they could place ideas in our heads, so we could imagine or actually believe it’s true, when there is no positive proof to prove it. CNN News is too liberal, scared and over supportive towards the democrats. Fox News is too conservative, overconfident and are ultra republican. MSNBC is stuck in the middle, they are stern but gentile, kind but rough. On the internet it is the same, all the reporters steer towards their respected agencies’ “opinions”.

These troublemaking news networks are destroying the integrity of reporting the news. The viewer is just interested in the “Facts”, that’s it, instead these news networks are “Creating” the news. They are very sneaky, if you noticed, they give you 10 minutes of good news and heartwarming stories and then they proceed to drop the “Bad News Bomb” on us. They make everyone paranoid and scared, people are loosing respect and trust of each other because of these networks. There is one reporter in particular who I mistrust the most and he works for CNN, he is Wolf Blitzer. He hosts a “Show” named “The Situation Room”, where he controversially reports the news. He creates and invents stories with absolutely no evidence, he is always turning and twisting things around. Closely analyze his report and you will see, you be the judge. His special report is seen around the world and he gives our country a bad name, sometimes I feel he is an enemy of the state. It’s bothersome to see this false reporting and false accusations made against my country. The American people must be more observant to all the reports they see on cable TV, remember they are more concern about the ratings than the responsibility they have to report “Real” facts. Let’s see some “Real” news reporting and let’s see more positive “Good” news, let’s get rid of the negativity.

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