Individuality, a very unique word, a very original word, a word that  pertains to quality, a very self expressing and self assuring word. Individuality is very special, for one who chooses to comfortably cover them self with its large amount of honorable status will understand how important it is to them and their fellow man but most importantly, to freedom. It is the foundation of freedom of speech itself. In the world we live in, consisting of all different types of political systems and lead by all sorts of leaders with many contrasting ideals and objectives, a person who practices individuality to its fullest could experience many contrasting consequences. They could either be re-enforced with lawful protection or they could be encountered with extreme prejudice. They could be racially discriminated upon or they could be carefully excepted within certain boundaries. For those unfortunate ones who never had the opportunity to experience the freedom of speech and its rewarding offerings, it is an inhumane sin of humiliation but for those who are experiencing total freedom of speech, at the present moment, it is a God-given gift of precious promise.

Individuality is having the freedom of expressing yourself, expressing yourself with your own opinion, your own viewpoint, your own religious beliefs, your own self, its what you stand for, its what makes you, its what you are all about, individuality in essence is You, Your Self . Individuality helps you grow spiritually and helps you expand your mind. Your mind? Interesting, your mind refers to your brain, not physically but mentally. Your brain will be worth zero if you had no individuality, for individuality exercises and motivates your mind so your brain could actually function properly. If you have no individual characteristics, you are worth nothing. Individuality helps you excel in life and helps you  communicate with others so we could become better human beings.

A Simple Suggestion and its Consequences

That’s how I feel, In my opinion, I think, I feel, my thoughts are, I would like to say, my idea is……and so on. These are very simple suggestions that one could make, but not so simple as you think, especially when you are subjected to harsh punishment if suggested in “public”. In public? Yes in public, in front of other people, especially the ones who despise it, the ones who set the rules in place. If these people that you are making the suggestions to are subjected to a political system which has created a so-called dialogue, a forced dialogue, put upon you in which one must follow and obey or else suffer the consequences, then your individuality has been stripped away from you and so is your freedom of speech and anyone knows by then, you have lost your freedom. It doesn’t matter what the system of your government is, either if it is a socialist, communist, a dictatorship or even a democracy, if your individuality is taken away from you, you are doomed for life. When this occurs, you are officially considered a slave and will be subjected to a slave-based society. The perfect example here is Cuba, Cuba for the last 47 years. As soon as the Castro regime achieved the abolishment of free speech in the early 60’s, by “Nationalizing” the news media and the newspaper industry. Nationalizing means basically one thing, having total control of everything manufactured in the country and giving all control to the populous, well you know who has total control in Cuba and it is definitely not the Cuban citizens, its the Castro regime.

This is how Fidel and Raul accomplished their goal of absolute control, as soon as everything in Cuba was nationalized then they created a biased and self-centered constitution, self-centered for the regime only. This new communist constitution consisted of inhumane laws and regulations like, what you can talk about, how you are suppose to talk, who you cannot talk bad about or talk good about, what you are allowed to learn in school, where you cannot go, how much personal property you can own, where you can shop, your ability to vote, your ability to travel, where you can eat and drink, what you can eat and drink. If you feel this is not insane, then you are totally insane yourself and are totally immoral. For all those irresponsible individuals who believe that the Castro regime is and has done a superb job up to now, then explain to me if possible, how would you feel if all these god-given rights were taken away from you, but of course, you don’t know how it is, nobody knows how it is, until they are taken away from them. Let the Cuban people exercise their freedom of speech, let these individuals enjoy freedom.

Individuals and Team Work

Team Work, a very important and my favorite concept. This is an organized  method of respect and honor, where real individuals can perfectly work together and reach a common goal, this has been going on since the beginning of life and is the reason why individuals can unite and prosper in a peaceful manner, it is why communism always fails. A group of individuals with their own way of thinking, with their different viewpoints and ideals can help each other by providing each other with what I call, “filling in the gaps”, for example; if there is one individual who is lacking something, another individual in the group can help he or she with the essential information to fill in the gap. This will be very reassuring for each other and keep the group together. Individuals also need some kind of leader, lets say a coordinator, who’s job is to keep the project rolling and the focus strong and sturdy. Most of the times the leader is older and more experience than the others, but this leader must be chosen by all the other individuals for everything to work right. This defines the whole concept of a real Democracy.

This is exactly what the Castro Regime fears the most and is why they fight so hard to disarm our individual traits. Communism physically overpowers and preys on every age group but mostly concentrates on the youth, they are the most vulnerable and success is inevitable. So they proceed to alter and direct their personal characteristics to a point where they only think one way, they don’t know better, they have no choice. In a way, the Castro regime work just like pedophiles do, they practically abduct the children from their parents with certain laws and entice the kids with the Marxist ideas and misinform them with the infamous Che’s “Motorcycle Diaries” and the enticing color red. Why the color red? Everything is red, red uniforms, red everything (Check out link at the end). Even though these kids and young adults feel like they are working in a group type of atmosphere, they have no differences in thinking, no ideas, no real goal, no real future, no real life, they are just pawns, zombies. After words as they grow older, they begin to become bitter and destructive just like their inhumane masters have taught them to become. If they, for some reason revolt or stop obeying their masters, maybe because they are able to see what is really occurring around the world and around them, then they will be punished like dogs, in front of the others so they will not follow. If Communism ever prevails around the world, when individuality, freedom of speech and freedom is taken away from us and freedom lovers are totally conquered, the world will rot with the smell of dead, red bloodied bodies, for it will just be survival of the fittest and the senseless, it will be the elimination of the human race as we know it, very insane, very sad but very true.

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