Would I like an automotive cover anyway?

Car covers are very important stuff. You do not want any damages to happen to your car and adequate protection is required. Once you have them, there will be no problem. There are many options in the market, but selecting the best is a very big issue. Make sure that you go in for www.carcover.com that will make things easier.

The automotive covers provide the following advantages:

  • Pollutants: Chemicals floating in air due to production plants, smog created by industries, bird body waste, snow/ice/hail, dust, dirt, extremist Violet rays from the sun all damage the automotive every interior and exterior. This reduces the automotive value and performance. Make sure that you go in for carcover.com, this is one of the best website which gives lots of good information and can help you buy a good set of covers in quick time and that makes it very good.
  • Dust Proof: Fiber encapsulation processes prevent mud. Once you have a product which is dust free, then you can be very sure of the car protection, even if it means paying little more. There are many people who are very confused about selecting the right covers. If you end up paying hefty amounts and do not get good returns, then you are at some problem.
  • Durable: Performs well in terribly high or low temperatures.
  • Lightweight on the Paint Work: Soft bit, guard from scratches.
  • Theft Deterrent: Since the automotive is roofed will not waste their time removing the automotive cover-‘out of sight out of mind”. A lock kit set jointly adds security to the automotive and this is a part of most of the new covers in the market.

How do www.carcover.com automotive covers compare with other automotive covers?

Most automotive covers have ultraviolet protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Most of these sprays are typically dangerous and cancerous to human skin. They do not use any harmful chemicals.

Car covers unit should be sophisticated and still match the shape of your vehicle.

Each cover follows a pattern supported specific custom fitted sizes by our staff among the U.S.A. Different companies use “one size fits all”. There are many custom sizes also available and so one can pick based on their needs.

How can dirt have an impact on my automotive cover?

Dirt build up greatly affects the materials used to produce automotive covers. The water resistance properties of the quilt can greatly be full of the dirt. This would possibly lead to dirt, water and different rubbish getting through. So if you want good covers visit www.carcover.com. Getting a good cover is always very important and that is something that one needs to desire. Your car is very expensive and spending some money on the cover is something that everyone needs to do.

How have to be compelled to wash my automotive Cover?

A commercial washer is typically used to wash your automotive cover. Or else, the automotive cover can also be washed by hand. Cleanse the quilt with less force/pressure using a sponge. Once you do it in the right way, then cover is to be put to keep it in good shape and once that is done then you will not have any problem.

How to dry my automotive cover?

After laundry your cover gently, dry it on air (air dry). Often to avoid shrinking the automotive cover. Heat shrinks the automotive cover, those are good and you will not have any issues. Quality is always important and so one has to go in for a good brand and once they do that then they can be sure of the quality at all times.

How do I install my automotive cover?

A tag among the cover indicates that side is front. Begin first by setting up the cover at the front of the vehicle.

Pull the cover over the the vehicle.

Stretch rear hem of the bumper of your vehicle, also there are clear directions which help one put the cover on the vehicle in quick time, without any help.

There are lots of options in the market but selecting the best one is a major issue for one and all.

Calendar templates: the best way to increase the productivity

Are you able to utilize your day at maximum potential? This is the question which is normally asked at many instances. This is true that not every person is able to productively manage his or her day in the best possible manner. In fact, no one can actually spend the day like a machine with absolute productivity. However, the target is to achieve a reasonable productivity to bring maximum benefit out of the day. It is not possible to do this thing without properly using a calendar template for personal and business needs. These templates can be taken from different sources. Traditionally, we used to hang a calendar on the wall and would mark certain things on it to make sure that nothing is missed. With the passage of time, that calendar shifted as planned to the office tables and now people are using these planners at their tables to mark important events. However, there are still better options available and these options are to download the creative calendar templates from the internet and print them to increase the productivity of your day.

Why should you use these templates?

The answer to this question is quite simple. These templates should be used because these are better than traditional calendars. There are more options to enter specific details about a particular day or a project and you can easily review the pending and competed tasks that were associated to a particular day. Time is the king and we should use it properly to manage our things in the perfect manner. As a businessperson, time is equal to money. The better you manage your time, the more you earn. In the same way if you are unable to manage it properly, you would sacrifice a lot of your earnings. You can make use of your skills through calendar template and can combine the effect to become a productive person.

Should you go for the paid versions?

There is no need to download the paid templates when you are able to get them for free. Free templates are equally beneficial, and you can easily download and print them to use them. Some people prefer paid versions as they offer more options and features, but one should go for this option once he has started writing things down on free calendar template and a habit has been developed about this thing. Only then you should go for the advanced options. Till then, your purpose would be well served with the free versions.

Advanced features might allow you to have more space for a specific day with an option to add timetable of a day on each day. This is a good thing but do not overburden yourself with the minute details of such advanced templates. Take a start with the basics and once you have developed the habit of following the systematic timetable, you can download the daily planner with more details.

Tips on selecting the template:

When you are looking around the internet to find a suitable template, you should keep certain things in our mind as only then you would be able to make a good decision. Due to the increased popularity of these timeline templates, there are many providers available and selecting the right thing might become a daunting task for you. For this reason, following is a short guideline on how to select the template:

  • Go for the simple version in the start
  • Ignore the paid version and go for free, save your money
  • Check for the pre-filled options on the templates
  • Check for the option to edit things
  • Find the different formats in which these templates are available
  • Select the reputed website to download these templates
  • Read the feedbacks of users about a particular website and the product template
  • Check for the website from where you have already downloaded another template and you are satisfied with that
  • Check for the themes and creativity included in the template

Make perfect use of these templates:

There is no benefit of downloading the calendar template if you have no intention of using it properly. You would be required to make a habit of using it on a daily basis to record the appointments and would be required to follow the timetable. You would not be able to get more productive without using it. Once you are done with creating the habit by daily inputting the stuff, you would feel a real change in your behavior, and you will find plenty of free time in your overall day. This will provide you an opportunity to add more stuff in your day and accomplish more targets. When a person enhances his ability to tackle more projects at the same time, he starts earning more and this is very important trait of a successful businessperson.

You should also add small incentives for you when you are in the phase of developing this habit. For instance, you can add incentives at future dates and that would be revealed once you are done following the same routine till that date. This would provide you an opportunity to increase the productivity with a sense of motivation.

It is very important to download these kinds of templates from authenticated and reputed sources because otherwise you would not be able to get the highest quality. Highest quality does not necessarily mean that you need to pay money for that.

Factors To Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

Excited for your bathroom renovation project? Who would not be anyway. Bathroom is one of the most usable parts of the house, hence having it renovated gives thrills not only to elderlies but children too. But, before you even get started with such projects, it is highly recommended that you consider all factors first to make it successful and fulfilling.

Factors To Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

Just so you know, bathroom renovation project is a bit expensive. Actually, next to the kitchen, depending on your priorities, this may be next most expensive part of the house to renovate. Hence, you have to think and decide carefully before starting.

There are many factors you have to consider before this project starts, and some of these factors are:

  • Users

Yes, considering the people in the household is important when renovating your bathroom. You would never want to give your children a hard time reaching the sink or give your old mother danger as she steps on the bathroom floor. Considering the users for your bathroom renovation project can help you a lot in making your bathroom not only attractive but highly usable and safe too.

Tip: If you are hiring a designer, it is best if you let them know specific needs of your household so they can work on the design accordingly.

  • Budget

Never start a bathroom project without a fixed budget set. Be strict with it and make sure that you do not overspend. Stretching your budget a bit is possible, provided that it is within what you can afford.

Tip: If your budget is short but bathroom project is necessary, you may want to get a loan or ask your contractor of the available payment plans they offer.

  • Contractor to hire

Another factor you have to consider for this project is the contractor you will hire. There are many contractors offering such services and for sure, all of them will claim they are the best in the industry. When hiring a contractor, you have to make sure they are the best. Asking around your friends, family and neighbors for recommendations is a good idea. If none of them can offer you good suggestions, you may want to check online.

There are review sites that give fair ratings to different contractors. Although, you must not trust them too easily as some of them are getting paid to give a contractor a good impression. Make sure that you are reading legitimate and genuine information, nothing else.

  • Design or theme

Before you even call a contractor or a designer to hire, it is best if you already have a plan in your mind, and a theme or design you want to achieve. You would never want to get all the ideas from them, it is your bathroom hence you must know better. Collaborate with them and let what you want be incorporated to what you need. You can cut clips from magazines or print photos from the internet and bring it with you as you meet up with contractors.

Expect some changes on your dream bathroom, especially if you are restricted with budget and space. Presenting your ideas to the contractors can definitely work to your advantage.

  • Timelines

Another factor you need to consider for this project are timelines. Of course, you would not want to wait forever for a project to finish. You have your deadlines, especially if what you are planning after renovation is disposing your house in the market. Ask the contractor for timelines and see if the timelines they provided can meet your deadlines.

Tip: You have to be realistic in setting timelines, because if not you might end up rushing the contractors to finish your bathroom and end up with not so good result.

  • The place to temporarily move in, in case needed

One of the most important parts of the house is the bathroom. If you only have one bathroom and you will have it renovated for a couple of days, having a place to live in temporarily is necessary. You would not want to stay in a house where bathroom is not functional hence you have to make sure where to bring your family while the bathroom is under construction.

Tip: If you have extra money to spare, you may want to have other places in your house renovated as well, like kitchen or living room. This way, you can maximize the time you are in a different house.

  • The availability of fixtures you want to add in your bathroom

Never start a project unless you know whether the fixture you want to install in your bathroom is ready and available. You can check on the availability of the fixture from different online shops. It is best if you ask them for timelines as to when your package can be delivered.

As much as possible, schedule the fixture arrival almost at the same time so you do not need to keep or store fixture and materials you need for the bathroom renovation.

Since there are many shops selling bathroom fixture, you have the luxury of making this happen.

Moving on, if you want to know more about bathroom options, feel free to check online. There are many sites catering and focusing on bathroom, like the behindtheshower.com, and reading such can help you a lot in planning, designing and achieving a bathroom that is not only functional but beautiful too.

Ketogenes baking – How does it work

You are interested in ketogenic baking? In this article, you’ll learn all about ketogenic baking, including a delicious recipe for keto biscuits!

Ketosis and baking – is this possible?

We certainly do not need to go deeper into what’s behind the ketosis, because there’s plenty of information on this website. The Ketogenic diet is a diet that allows very little carbohydrate, an extreme low carb diet so to speak.

Nevertheless, we would like to reiterate here that ketogenesis is only activated if you consume extremely little carbohydrates. As we already wrote in our guide , you should consume less than 30 grams of carbs, which means a maximum of 5% of your total energy intake. This means, conversely, that you should increase the protein content moderately (to 25%) and the fat intake significantly (to 70%).

How can baking recipes with so few carbohydrates be realized? The trick is that you leave out the ingredients in the recipes that bring in a lot of carbohydrates suggests http://www.ketosumo.com/.

Which ingredients should be left out when ketogenic baking?

There are 2 key ingredients that you should focus on when baking.

  • Wheat flour: Wheat flour is contained in virtually all baking recipes. However, this contains over 70% carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are also short-chain in white flour and lead to a high insulin secretion.
  • Sugar: Sugar is also included in most recipes, at least as far as cakes and pies are concerned. Unfortunately, sugar is 100% carbohydrates! In breads, sugar is rarely processed, yet we have here by the wheat flour big problems if we want to feed ketogen.

If possible, you should leave these two ingredients out. But how do you replace flour and sugar?

  • Almond or coconut flour: almond or coconut flour has a significantly lower carb content, so almond flour has only 4% and coconut flour only 9% carbohydrates. In addition, these delicious alternatives provide more fiber and healthy fats. Coconut flour is particularly suitable for baking desserts, almond flour is more neutral and is more suitable for breads and rolls.
  • Sugar Substitutes: Instead of sugar, we recommend sugar substitutes such as sorbitol, xylitol or erythritol .

Extra tip: If you want to add more flavor to your bakery products, you can use Flavor Drops. These are taste drops that have no calories and no carbohydrates. Ideal for baking your low carb!

Ingredient list:

  • 100 g of butter
  • 80 g almond flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 40 g of xylitol
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla pod extract
  • 3 drops of lemon flavor
  • pinch of salt


  1. Liquify the butter in a pot. Meanwhile put almond flour, baking soda and xylitol in a bowl. Then mix these ingredients with the butter, vanilla pod extract, lemon flavor and salt to a homogeneous dough.
  2. Place the dough in a cling film and roll it flat with a rolling pin, ideally to 4mm thickness. Then leave the dough cold for 30 minutes.
  3. Cut out the cookies with any cookie cutter and place them on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Then bake for 5-6 minutes at 160 degrees in the oven.
  4. Attention: At first the cookies are very soft, they have to cool down a bit. For this you have to gently lift the baking paper with the cookies from the still hot baking tray. Good Appetite!

Can we have a good life in narco culture?

Well, one thing is for sure, that lots of people are getting into this, and this way of life is catching up in young and old. This is helping a great deal and you will not have a problem, if you get used to this kind of life.

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There are many people who are going through lots of issues, if one needs solutions, and then it will become easier.

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This is a trend which is there to stay for long and grow, there is not way, this is going to show any kind of slump, this is going to do well and produce some very good results, and that helps a great deal. Many people love it and want to see more of it, it is not cheap and one has to spend big money for getting something from here and it is not in budget of all.

Tips on how to handwashing your meat grinder

A meat grinder is among the equipment that is difficult to wash if you don’t know grinder handwashing tips. Many people have been inquiring on the best guide on how to hand wash the meat grinder without success. Therefore if you have been asking on the above question, you do not need to worry anymore because this article has got you covered. Since the meat grinder is an essential tool in the kitchen, there is a need to take good care of it. When a grinder is not washed well, it can cause some health problems. That is because bacteria and germs can hide on the remains that are not cleaned well after use. Hence in this article, we are going to discuss guidelines on how to hand wash your best meat grinders after every use. Below are the tips on how to wash your grinder.

Do not wait for long

This is the best tip to know when handling your meat grinder. After using your meat grinder, ensure you wash it immediate. The reason why it is essential to wash it as soon as possible is that the more you leave it for some time, the more the meat particles will stick to the grinder parts. Remember, some parts cannot be washed since they are hidden. One should wash those areas immediately before the meat particles stick on those parts. Therefore if you pass running water over those areas, definitely all the meat debris will be removed.

Use bread to clean

It is essential to use a few slices of bread to clean the grinder before you disassemble the parts. Put the slices of bread through the feed tube and allow it to pass through the same process as you did to the meat. The main reason why you should use bread is to absorb oil and Greece from the meat. Remember, water alone cannot remove the grease and oil from the grinder. Hence the bread will help you to remove such substances from the machine.

Disassemble the grinder carefully

After ensuring you have washed the debris and other substance that could have been stuck on the grinder. Now here you are supposed to disassemble the grinder into various parts. If you are using a manual grinder, remove it carefully, and place each piece differently. Also, if your machine is an electric one, before doing anything, ensure the device is disconnected from the power source before dissembling. Some of the parts that you should disassemble and put are such as blade cover, screw and nuts, feeder tube, hopper, and many more.

Soak the parts and Wash each piece separately

That is the most crucial step when washing the grinder. Here one is required to do a thorough wash to the parts of the grinder. This step will determine how well you have washed the machine. The process for cleaning the grinder parts involves using warm water in a bucket, using special detergent leaving the parts on a soap solution for about 10 to 15 minutes and finally cleaning the parts. Always note that when washing the grinder parts, do not wash any motorized parts using water. Things such as motor should not be washed. Instead, use a soft piece of cloth to rub the dirt particles. When washing the other parts, ensure you scrub them well to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned.

Dry the washed parts

After now you have washed your meat grinder, the last step is to dry it thoroughly before storing it. Use a dry towel to dry excess water. If you keep the grinder before drying it, it can rust because of the reaction between air and the metallic.

Reasons why you need to clean your grinder

Every item requires proper maintenance to serve the user for an extended period. Just like any other kitchen equipment, the grinder needs to be washed and stored well. Let us discuss some of the reasons why you need to clean the grinder after use.

It is recommended to clean after use

From the manufacturer’s instructions, it is essential to clean the grinder before storing it. Cleaning is one of the ways to maintain your equipment well. Therefore by cleaning you extend the life of the meat grinder.

Prepare the equipment for next use

Another reason why it is worth to clean the grinder after usage is to prepare the item for future use. It is clear that if you wash the grinder before usage date, the machine will be in good condition next time you need to use. You will, therefore, avoid waiting for the item to dry before using. Hence you will save much of your time.

Guaranteed healthy ground meat

Another reason why it is essential to wash the grinder after every use is to ensure the high level of hygiene is observed. Using a grinder that is not cleaned well can result in several health conditions. That is because the food processed through that equipment will not be suitable for your health. Therefore by handwashing your meat grinder, you will be guaranteed high-level cleanliness on your food.

Therefore by considering all the above-discussed information about the reasons why you need to hand wash your grinder and the guide on how to clean your grinder. You will have learned the best guide on how to clean your best meat grinders after use.

Do you want a good looking and strong body?

Go in for something that can help you get your desired results and muscle power in quick time and this is something very important that you need to know. Make sure that you read D-Bal Review, which will give you some very good information for this product and will help you to get the job done. There are many people who want to be fit and want to look good at any cost and that is something very important that you need to keep track of. This is a very good option and once you make use of this one thing that you need to be sure, that this is going to give you good results.

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Fake College Transcripts – All you need to know about it

A college or university degree reveals less about person’s academic performance since everybody is issued the same degree. Apart from the degree certificate, the graduate also receives a transcript detailing his academic performance together with exam scores and Grade Point Average (GPA). If you need fake college transcripts, then things will become much easier and you will not have a problem at all. So you should not be waiting and one should look at a great way of getting quick results to make the process little easier without any problems. So go ahead and get one for yourself. This is something that you are doing for your family and this will help you to get the job done and this is something very important.

For many, a transcript is more important than a degree. Today, authentic looking fake diplomas and transcripts are widely available. The only problem is that you may not be sure that what you receive is identical to the original and would pass a close scrutiny or examination. Make sure that you get the degree from the right place and you are able to save money, by getting a good deal and that is something more important. There are many people who are very confused and that makes the process much easier. Everyone wants to grow in the career and that will only happen, once the person is in good condition. This is something that you need to keep track of.

There are lots of websites which provide this and once you have it, it will make the process much easier. This is something one needs to go in for if they want their career to go up and that will happen, if you plan well. This is something very important and makes it easy, if you want good fake college transcripts, then the process is very important and once you have that then it can really improve the process of getting a job. This is something that helps you a great deal and makes the process much simpler. If you the one who does not know where to get the degree from and for them to do well, one needs the papers and only so once you are sure, then we can go in for something like that. It is something very important, that you track of, a degree can change life of someone and that is something very important, which you need to know. Getting a good job is always good and that helps a great deal and once that happens, the process becomes much easier.

Realistic Diploma offers a wide selection of fake degrees and transcripts from colleges and universities in the US. Each copy of fake transcript contains the following:

  1. Official transcript paper
  2. College/university watermark
  3. An issued-to –student stamp
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  5. Key on back
  6. Security holograms

It is perfectly identical to an authentic copy.

What makes Realistic Diploma’sFake Diplomas and Transcript look so realistic/identical?

  1. Over 20 years’ experience
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  11. Embossed registrar’s seal and signature are optional
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What Realistic Diploma Don’t Do

  1. Don’t print fake diplomas/degrees or any degree from law, nursing, medical or degree in Biotechnology as that could go against you.
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Why you need a Fake Degree Certificate

  1. You lost your original degree. Fires, floods, carelessness and other calamities can make you lose your academic documents. Getting original documents can be very problematic.
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  3. Show off. Fake degree certificate serves as a novelty for those who have never graduated at all.
  4. Inspire yourself.It is used as a source of inspiration and pride. It can help you visualize your end point. I helps you focus on your goal every time you see it.
  5. Uplift others morale. For some people who have been thinking of a certain degree but they can’t reach it; this can be used as morale booster for such people. This can help people with depression and career anxieties.

A fake degree certificate is not always something negative. Buy a fake college degree; use it to bring pride and inspiration to yourself and/or others. Bringing something positive into your life is the best gift you can have or give somebody. It is something very important, that you go in for fake college transcripts, as that will improve your chances of getting employment and also give you chances to grow much more, can you ask for more? This is something really good.

The World’s Most Devastating Financial Crises – The Top 5

Stock Exchange

The world has faced numerous devastating crises throughout the history- natural, economic or war-related. To number the crises according to the aftereffects as the most devastating event is quite difficult. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica 5 of the World’s Most Devastating Financial Crises are The Credit Crisis of 1772, The Great Depression of 1929–39, The OPEC Oil Price Shock of 1973, The Asian Crisis of 1997, and the Financial Crisis of 2007–08, though the list is not comprehensive.

The Financial Crisis of 2007-2008

The Financial Crisis of 2007-2008, the 2008 Financial Crisis or the Global Financial Crisis is the most severe economic crisis since Great depression and it sparked the Great recession. The collapse of the housing bubble in the U.S. triggered the collapse of the Lehman Brothers, one of the largest investment banks in the world, and put many important business and financial institutions on the verge of collapse. The situation needed government bailouts and it came back to normal almost after a decade.


The Asian Financial Crisis

The Asian Financial Crisis started in July, 1997 in Thailand. The crisis started when the Government was forced to float the Thai Baht (the official currency of Thailand) due to deprivation of foreign currency to sustain its currency peg to the U.S. Dollar. As a consequence capital flight accompanied. Thailand had obtained enormous foreign debt and the country soon became bankrupt. There was an international chain reaction and Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Indonesia and Japan perceived collapsing currencies, rise in personal debt and devalued stock market prices. The crisis was ultimately resolved as International Monetary Fund (IMF) intervened and offered the loans required to stabilize the trembling Asian economics. IMF lends more than 110 Dollars to Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea to stabilize the financial crisis.

OPEC Oil Price Shock

It was in 1973 October when the (OPEC) Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries announced an oil impediment. It was arrowed against the countries that endorsed Israel while the war of Yom Kippur was going on. The USA, Japan, Canada, the UK and the Netherlands were the primary target. Later it expanded to Rhodesia, South Africa and Portugal. The shock happened after this embargo was later termed as the “first oil shock” while the 1979 oil crisis was categorized as the “second oil-shock”.

Credit Crisis of 1772

The Credit Crisis of 1772, also known as the Panic of 1772, started in London when Fordyce, a member of the (London Banking House partner) Down and Fordyce, James, and Neal fled to France in order to avoid repaying debt. As a consequence the firm collapsed which stirred up panic in London. The panic spread across Europe, especially to Scotland and Netherlands. The credit system got paralyzed and people tried withdrawing all their deposits. Twenty banking houses went bankrupt as a result. This was an instance of peacetime economic depression.

The Great Depression of 1929

The Great Depression of 1929 began in the United States after a major fall in stock prices around 4th September, 1929. Later the stock market crashed on October 29 of the same year, also known as Black Tuesday. The worldwide Gross Domestic Product (GDP) fell by an estimated 15% between 1929 and 1932. It was a devastating financial depression which affected countries both rich and poor. Why did this depression happen is the centre of much debate. The two classic leading theories of the Great Depression are Monetarist theory and Keynesian theory. There are also some theories which contradict with these two.

Certainly, it is not a complete and substantial list of most devastating economic events across the globe; but at least one that gives us a gist of what happened in the past.

Individuality and Freedom

Individuality, a very unique word, a very original word, a word that  pertains to quality, a very self expressing and self assuring word. Individuality is very special, for one who chooses to comfortably cover them self with its large amount of honorable status will understand how important it is to them and their fellow man but most importantly, to freedom. It is the foundation of freedom of speech itself. In the world we live in, consisting of all different types of political systems and lead by all sorts of leaders with many contrasting ideals and objectives, a person who practices individuality to its fullest could experience many contrasting consequences. They could either be re-enforced with lawful protection or they could be encountered with extreme prejudice. They could be racially discriminated upon or they could be carefully excepted within certain boundaries. For those unfortunate ones who never had the opportunity to experience the freedom of speech and its rewarding offerings, it is an inhumane sin of humiliation but for those who are experiencing total freedom of speech, at the present moment, it is a God-given gift of precious promise.

Individuality is having the freedom of expressing yourself, expressing yourself with your own opinion, your own viewpoint, your own religious beliefs, your own self, its what you stand for, its what makes you, its what you are all about, individuality in essence is You, Your Self . Individuality helps you grow spiritually and helps you expand your mind. Your mind? Interesting, your mind refers to your brain, not physically but mentally. Your brain will be worth zero if you had no individuality, for individuality exercises and motivates your mind so your brain could actually function properly. If you have no individual characteristics, you are worth nothing. Individuality helps you excel in life and helps you  communicate with others so we could become better human beings.

A Simple Suggestion and its Consequences

That’s how I feel, In my opinion, I think, I feel, my thoughts are, I would like to say, my idea is……and so on. These are very simple suggestions that one could make, but not so simple as you think, especially when you are subjected to harsh punishment if suggested in “public”. In public? Yes in public, in front of other people, especially the ones who despise it, the ones who set the rules in place. If these people that you are making the suggestions to are subjected to a political system which has created a so-called dialogue, a forced dialogue, put upon you in which one must follow and obey or else suffer the consequences, then your individuality has been stripped away from you and so is your freedom of speech and anyone knows by then, you have lost your freedom. It doesn’t matter what the system of your government is, either if it is a socialist, communist, a dictatorship or even a democracy, if your individuality is taken away from you, you are doomed for life. When this occurs, you are officially considered a slave and will be subjected to a slave-based society. The perfect example here is Cuba, Cuba for the last 47 years. As soon as the Castro regime achieved the abolishment of free speech in the early 60’s, by “Nationalizing” the news media and the newspaper industry. Nationalizing means basically one thing, having total control of everything manufactured in the country and giving all control to the populous, well you know who has total control in Cuba and it is definitely not the Cuban citizens, its the Castro regime.

This is how Fidel and Raul accomplished their goal of absolute control, as soon as everything in Cuba was nationalized then they created a biased and self-centered constitution, self-centered for the regime only. This new communist constitution consisted of inhumane laws and regulations like, what you can talk about, how you are suppose to talk, who you cannot talk bad about or talk good about, what you are allowed to learn in school, where you cannot go, how much personal property you can own, where you can shop, your ability to vote, your ability to travel, where you can eat and drink, what you can eat and drink. If you feel this is not insane, then you are totally insane yourself and are totally immoral. For all those irresponsible individuals who believe that the Castro regime is and has done a superb job up to now, then explain to me if possible, how would you feel if all these god-given rights were taken away from you, but of course, you don’t know how it is, nobody knows how it is, until they are taken away from them. Let the Cuban people exercise their freedom of speech, let these individuals enjoy freedom.

Individuals and Team Work

Team Work, a very important and my favorite concept. This is an organized  method of respect and honor, where real individuals can perfectly work together and reach a common goal, this has been going on since the beginning of life and is the reason why individuals can unite and prosper in a peaceful manner, it is why communism always fails. A group of individuals with their own way of thinking, with their different viewpoints and ideals can help each other by providing each other with what I call, “filling in the gaps”, for example; if there is one individual who is lacking something, another individual in the group can help he or she with the essential information to fill in the gap. This will be very reassuring for each other and keep the group together. Individuals also need some kind of leader, lets say a coordinator, who’s job is to keep the project rolling and the focus strong and sturdy. Most of the times the leader is older and more experience than the others, but this leader must be chosen by all the other individuals for everything to work right. This defines the whole concept of a real Democracy.

This is exactly what the Castro Regime fears the most and is why they fight so hard to disarm our individual traits. Communism physically overpowers and preys on every age group but mostly concentrates on the youth, they are the most vulnerable and success is inevitable. So they proceed to alter and direct their personal characteristics to a point where they only think one way, they don’t know better, they have no choice. In a way, the Castro regime work just like pedophiles do, they practically abduct the children from their parents with certain laws and entice the kids with the Marxist ideas and misinform them with the infamous Che’s “Motorcycle Diaries” and the enticing color red. Why the color red? Everything is red, red uniforms, red everything (Check out link at the end). Even though these kids and young adults feel like they are working in a group type of atmosphere, they have no differences in thinking, no ideas, no real goal, no real future, no real life, they are just pawns, zombies. After words as they grow older, they begin to become bitter and destructive just like their inhumane masters have taught them to become. If they, for some reason revolt or stop obeying their masters, maybe because they are able to see what is really occurring around the world and around them, then they will be punished like dogs, in front of the others so they will not follow. If Communism ever prevails around the world, when individuality, freedom of speech and freedom is taken away from us and freedom lovers are totally conquered, the world will rot with the smell of dead, red bloodied bodies, for it will just be survival of the fittest and the senseless, it will be the elimination of the human race as we know it, very insane, very sad but very true.

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