A meat grinder is among the equipment that is difficult to wash if you don’t know grinder handwashing tips. Many people have been inquiring on the best guide on how to hand wash the meat grinder without success. Therefore if you have been asking on the above question, you do not need to worry anymore because this article has got you covered. Since the meat grinder is an essential tool in the kitchen, there is a need to take good care of it. When a grinder is not washed well, it can cause some health problems. That is because bacteria and germs can hide on the remains that are not cleaned well after use. Hence in this article, we are going to discuss guidelines on how to hand wash your best meat grinders after every use. Below are the tips on how to wash your grinder.

Do not wait for long

This is the best tip to know when handling your meat grinder. After using your meat grinder, ensure you wash it immediate. The reason why it is essential to wash it as soon as possible is that the more you leave it for some time, the more the meat particles will stick to the grinder parts. Remember, some parts cannot be washed since they are hidden. One should wash those areas immediately before the meat particles stick on those parts. Therefore if you pass running water over those areas, definitely all the meat debris will be removed.

Use bread to clean

It is essential to use a few slices of bread to clean the grinder before you disassemble the parts. Put the slices of bread through the feed tube and allow it to pass through the same process as you did to the meat. The main reason why you should use bread is to absorb oil and Greece from the meat. Remember, water alone cannot remove the grease and oil from the grinder. Hence the bread will help you to remove such substances from the machine.

Disassemble the grinder carefully

After ensuring you have washed the debris and other substance that could have been stuck on the grinder. Now here you are supposed to disassemble the grinder into various parts. If you are using a manual grinder, remove it carefully, and place each piece differently. Also, if your machine is an electric one, before doing anything, ensure the device is disconnected from the power source before dissembling. Some of the parts that you should disassemble and put are such as blade cover, screw and nuts, feeder tube, hopper, and many more.

Soak the parts and Wash each piece separately

That is the most crucial step when washing the grinder. Here one is required to do a thorough wash to the parts of the grinder. This step will determine how well you have washed the machine. The process for cleaning the grinder parts involves using warm water in a bucket, using special detergent leaving the parts on a soap solution for about 10 to 15 minutes and finally cleaning the parts. Always note that when washing the grinder parts, do not wash any motorized parts using water. Things such as motor should not be washed. Instead, use a soft piece of cloth to rub the dirt particles. When washing the other parts, ensure you scrub them well to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned.

Dry the washed parts

After now you have washed your meat grinder, the last step is to dry it thoroughly before storing it. Use a dry towel to dry excess water. If you keep the grinder before drying it, it can rust because of the reaction between air and the metallic.

Reasons why you need to clean your grinder

Every item requires proper maintenance to serve the user for an extended period. Just like any other kitchen equipment, the grinder needs to be washed and stored well. Let us discuss some of the reasons why you need to clean the grinder after use.

It is recommended to clean after use

From the manufacturer’s instructions, it is essential to clean the grinder before storing it. Cleaning is one of the ways to maintain your equipment well. Therefore by cleaning you extend the life of the meat grinder.

Prepare the equipment for next use

Another reason why it is worth to clean the grinder after usage is to prepare the item for future use. It is clear that if you wash the grinder before usage date, the machine will be in good condition next time you need to use. You will, therefore, avoid waiting for the item to dry before using. Hence you will save much of your time.

Guaranteed healthy ground meat

Another reason why it is essential to wash the grinder after every use is to ensure the high level of hygiene is observed. Using a grinder that is not cleaned well can result in several health conditions. That is because the food processed through that equipment will not be suitable for your health. Therefore by handwashing your meat grinder, you will be guaranteed high-level cleanliness on your food.

Therefore by considering all the above-discussed information about the reasons why you need to hand wash your grinder and the guide on how to clean your grinder. You will have learned the best guide on how to clean your best meat grinders after use.

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