Excited for your bathroom renovation project? Who would not be anyway. Bathroom is one of the most usable parts of the house, hence having it renovated gives thrills not only to elderlies but children too. But, before you even get started with such projects, it is highly recommended that you consider all factors first to make it successful and fulfilling.

Factors To Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

Just so you know, bathroom renovation project is a bit expensive. Actually, next to the kitchen, depending on your priorities, this may be next most expensive part of the house to renovate. Hence, you have to think and decide carefully before starting.

There are many factors you have to consider before this project starts, and some of these factors are:

  • Users

Yes, considering the people in the household is important when renovating your bathroom. You would never want to give your children a hard time reaching the sink or give your old mother danger as she steps on the bathroom floor. Considering the users for your bathroom renovation project can help you a lot in making your bathroom not only attractive but highly usable and safe too.

Tip: If you are hiring a designer, it is best if you let them know specific needs of your household so they can work on the design accordingly.

  • Budget

Never start a bathroom project without a fixed budget set. Be strict with it and make sure that you do not overspend. Stretching your budget a bit is possible, provided that it is within what you can afford.

Tip: If your budget is short but bathroom project is necessary, you may want to get a loan or ask your contractor of the available payment plans they offer.

  • Contractor to hire

Another factor you have to consider for this project is the contractor you will hire. There are many contractors offering such services and for sure, all of them will claim they are the best in the industry. When hiring a contractor, you have to make sure they are the best. Asking around your friends, family and neighbors for recommendations is a good idea. If none of them can offer you good suggestions, you may want to check online.

There are review sites that give fair ratings to different contractors. Although, you must not trust them too easily as some of them are getting paid to give a contractor a good impression. Make sure that you are reading legitimate and genuine information, nothing else.

  • Design or theme

Before you even call a contractor or a designer to hire, it is best if you already have a plan in your mind, and a theme or design you want to achieve. You would never want to get all the ideas from them, it is your bathroom hence you must know better. Collaborate with them and let what you want be incorporated to what you need. You can cut clips from magazines or print photos from the internet and bring it with you as you meet up with contractors.

Expect some changes on your dream bathroom, especially if you are restricted with budget and space. Presenting your ideas to the contractors can definitely work to your advantage.

  • Timelines

Another factor you need to consider for this project are timelines. Of course, you would not want to wait forever for a project to finish. You have your deadlines, especially if what you are planning after renovation is disposing your house in the market. Ask the contractor for timelines and see if the timelines they provided can meet your deadlines.

Tip: You have to be realistic in setting timelines, because if not you might end up rushing the contractors to finish your bathroom and end up with not so good result.

  • The place to temporarily move in, in case needed

One of the most important parts of the house is the bathroom. If you only have one bathroom and you will have it renovated for a couple of days, having a place to live in temporarily is necessary. You would not want to stay in a house where bathroom is not functional hence you have to make sure where to bring your family while the bathroom is under construction.

Tip: If you have extra money to spare, you may want to have other places in your house renovated as well, like kitchen or living room. This way, you can maximize the time you are in a different house.

  • The availability of fixtures you want to add in your bathroom

Never start a project unless you know whether the fixture you want to install in your bathroom is ready and available. You can check on the availability of the fixture from different online shops. It is best if you ask them for timelines as to when your package can be delivered.

As much as possible, schedule the fixture arrival almost at the same time so you do not need to keep or store fixture and materials you need for the bathroom renovation.

Since there are many shops selling bathroom fixture, you have the luxury of making this happen.

Moving on, if you want to know more about bathroom options, feel free to check online. There are many sites catering and focusing on bathroom, like the behindtheshower.com, and reading such can help you a lot in planning, designing and achieving a bathroom that is not only functional but beautiful too.

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