There is a big controversy going on with Yankee fans concerning the term “True Yankee”, many Yankee fans are saying that there is no such thing as a “True Yankee” that if a baseball player wears a Yankee uniform, then he is considered a “True Yankee”, well, I totally disagree, I say these people are either not “True Yankee Fans” as I established in Part One or they just ignore to respect tradition. Tradition is what it is all about and what is being destroyed by the extremely ridiculous amounts of money that these athletes are making. If there is something that I am trying to preserve with this two part series, it is tradition. All the money in the world, though it might help, does not buy you a championship as we have learned in the last 4 years. We must have the right chemistry and the right attitude to conquer, when a player joins the Yankees, he has to leave his selfishness at the door and replace it with a teamwork attitude. It’s determination and surviving under pressure, that are more important and a “True Yankee” comes through all the times.

A big factor overlooked by non-Yankee fans or phony Yankee fans, is the power we “True” Yankee fans have, to change the outcome of a game. The players themselves feel this relentless confidence that we provide when they are in the batter’s box in a key, pressure situation or when they have to throw the ultimate pitch to get the last out. We the “True” Yankee fans are the power supply for our beloved Yankees, we bestow a spiritual tranquility that reassures the players and help them overcome all the adversities and all the obstacles in the way so they can concentrate fully, whether they are pitching, batting, fielding, running, managing, so they can perform to the best of their ability and can come through with a victory. We have that power and ask the players, they can feel it, it’s in the air, I can even feel it when I’m watching the game on TV. It’s a tradition, past down to us and we keep it alive, that’s what it’s all about! It’s not over until we say it’s over.

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