The so called “Science Channel” has become another Reality TV channel and has abandoned the most needed educational science programs. The most revealing indication is easily noticed when visiting the Science Channel lineup:

The description of most of these series-type of programs have absolutely nothing to do with Science. Take a look at this link and learn more. Not to mention, the typical “Science” Documentary has become too slow moving for the new audience to focus on. So for this reason Discovery Communications, who runs the Science Channel, has opted out and taken the route of “Reality TV.” It’s a shame to the quality of programing in general but even more disturbing, to the importance of Science. The Science documentary is becoming a thing of the past because of the nature of competition between the TV networks. Instead of encouraging our youth with meaningful education, the powers to be, are only concerned about their pockets. Pounding useless reality shows and reducing the TV audience into complete imbeciles. It seems that controlling and brainwashing is their top priority. I don’t mind a series but they must deal with “Science.” It is a dangerous growing trend and must be stopped. The network providers are not at all interested in any change, so the public (viewers) must complain. Sadly, there are few who have put forward their criticism and everything will continue to deteriorate unless many more decide to be heard. For starters and in this particular case, we should simply ask Discovery Communications to rename this channel to the “The Science Reality Channel” or any other name that would accurately describe the programs aired there. As for the few programs that “realistically” represent Science itself, they should be placed and marketed as the “New Science Channel.” 

Adding meaningful documentaries on the topic of “Science” would help to cure this outbreak of junk. There are numerous documentaries available but discarded on a daily basis and which would help nourish the neglected Science hungry viewers around the world. The lack of choice for the viewers and the obvious monopoly of the major networks are the serious and real threat here. We must understand the severity of this calculated attack on society. This example of the Science Channel is a tiny example of the Big picture! Disallowing and controlling the freedom of knowledge is illegal, in America at least and serious action should be taken.

Science and how much influence it has on all of us, especially our youth should not be categorized as waste. Most Scientific breakthroughs have been achieved by those who grew up watching meaningful Science programs and significant Science documentaries. It helped as major catalyst, by arousing interest and providing the viewer with answers. It has given them a sort of foundation of how the world around them actually works but even more importantly, it sprouts new and unsolved questions. A challenge is presented and these enthusiastic viewers decide to find out WHY? And again, for the betterment of mankind. Their future, our future, depends on this, for we are all affected together. We learn through Science but it must be passed along to younger generations. These neglected Science programs and documentaries are the main vehicle used and unfortunately it seems these TV networks are not interested any more. Just change the name already.