The not so “Science” Channel

The so called "Science Channel" has become another Reality TV channel and has abandoned the most needed educational science programs. The most revealing indication is easily noticed when visiting the Science Channel lineup: The description of most of these series-type of programs have absolutely nothing to do with Science. Take a look at this link […]

Nikola Tesla: “The Forgotten Genius”

Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla? Or maybe you have heard of the invention of AC (Alternate Current) generator. I heard of him and have been learning much more of his work with electricity and with his mechanical ingenuity. All those interesting  and so-called weird experiments he conducted. But even more disappointingly, the ones […]

“Ocean Currents and the Distribution of Life “

Ocean Currents recycle our planet by maintaining  the ocean water at a stable low temperature and by distributing food to all the ocean's inhabitants and also to the land inhabitants throughout all the continents. Ocean currents are generated by the thrust of the wind, the spin of the Earth and the pull ...

“The Influential Jet Stream”

A "Jet Stream" is an amazing phenomenon of wind current which twirls around our planet, capturing and changing anything in its path. These giant, so-called "river" of winds can be several hundred miles wide, 1 to 2 miles in depth and can be found from as low as 12,000 to as high as 80,000 feet […]
Aztec Calender

“The Magnetism of the Moon”

Jose Reyes The Moon has been around almost as long as our planet Earth. The Moon is seen moving across the skies, it hides out for a few days and shows up again to brighten up the night, but we don't realize the positive powers and the great effects it has on our lives and […]

Gravity “A very serious matter”

Michael L. Aymar Saint Augustine once remarked: “What, then, is time?”  If no one asks of me, I know; if  I wish to explain to him who asks, I know not.” The same thing could be said of gravity. If asked, most people would claim to know what gravity is; if asked to explain, most […]

Bacteria vs Viruses

Jose Reyes I will try to explain, exactly, what a Virus and what a Bacteria are, and make it simple to understand. Bacteria Definition: Bacteria is plural for Bacterium. A bacterium is a microbe (a microscopic single cell organism) that can be found virtually anywhere, they are in air, the soil, and water, and ...
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