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Recruiting Writers

Recruiting  “Freedom Writers”

Cubanology.com is looking for “A Few Good Men and Women”. Their race, creed and nationality is, by no means, a requirement here. For a matter of fact, I encourage American born individuals and welcome them with open arms. This is the missing ingredient to Cubanology.com. If you are interested in journalism or you have that feeling where you are being abandoned by your “Leftist” teachers or fellow citizens to a point where your “Freedom of Expression” is being taken away from you, then this is the place for you to publish your writings. If you do not own a Blog or a Website and you are not interested in having one but still have the passion and drive to produce a groundbreaking article, then Cubanology.com will be your outlet to the world. If you like to write the truth about Cuba and about all the other tyrannical communist leaders and anti-Democratic systems around the Globe, this is the place to be discovered. Cubanology.com will be your spaceship to a promising future, but most importantly, you will be contributing to a “Real” cause. All you have to do is send me via email, a rough draft so I could just take a look at it. If I like it and I rarely object anything, then I will send you the OK and you will be all set. We’ll work on the details (Pictures, Links, Book References) that would be part of the article. When you are totally satisfied with the look of the webpage then I will publish it. It will be located in 3 links (Homepage link, FreeSpeech link, a webpage on its own). I will also place a “Comment” section, so you can get some feedback. If you are interested email me please. After words, I will send emails out to many important freedom fighter that would be more than happy to read your article. Thank You all, José Reyes

If interested contact me HERE

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