My FIRST Radio Style Podcast (Miles, Machito,Cannonball, Jimmy Smith, Hank Mobley, Wayne Shorter)

This was my first of many “Radio Style” podcast. It was a little over one hour long and consisted of 9 songs total:

1. “Hog Calling Blues” Charles Mingus “Oh Yeah” CD Album

2. “Footprints”  3. “Masqualero” Miles Davis Quintet “The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings Of The Miles Davis Quintet January 1965 To June 1968”  Six CD Album Box Set

4. “Congo Mulence” 5. “Conversation” Machito and Cannonball Adderley “Kenya” CD Album

6. “My Groove your move” 7. “The more I see you”  Hank Mobley “Roll Call” CD Album

8. “T-Bone Steak” Jimmy Smith “Respect” CD Album

9. “Flamingo” Jimmy Smith “The Sermon” CD Album

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  1. 1:43 AM, June 24, 2011Alisa  / Reply

    “Flamingo”by Jimmy Smith is one of my many favorites from the artist. Do you know if he has a new CD out? I haven’t heard much form him lately. Thanks for the list!

    Alisa Mcmillan
    Assistant, Storage Sheds

  2. 3:05 AM, June 24, 2011Jose Reyes  / Reply

    Thanks for the comment Alisa! Flamingo is great! I really don’t have a big collection of Jimmy Smith and like his earlier works more. I only see that his last recorded music from him is 2001. I could be wrong, from searching his discography on Wikipedia, that’s the latest he made. He died in 2005. Here is his Biography and where it mentions about another recorded album just before he past away, 2005:
    I do not use Wikipedia that much at all but for an artist’s discography, I strongly recommend it, very helpful. I still look further, of course.

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