Selous Foundation: The Cuban-American Vote

By Tania C. Mastrapa l November 19, 2012

For liberal media, academia and others of a leftist persuasion, Cuban-Americans are not so much “Hispanic voters” as they are a persistent irritant and a symbol of a minority hijacked, in the broadminded opinion, by the Republicans. Any sign of their defection from the GOP is welcomed with uproarious hosannas. It is taken as proof that identity politics work with the Cubans. Except that they don’t.

Political analysts, pollsters and biased journalists proved yet again during the 2012 presidential election that the obsession with Cuban-American voters has not let up. They never fail to make sweeping claims that at long last this reliable Republican bloc is moving left. In fact, the New York Times has been making this claim since the 1960s. The usual suspects made triumphant declarations that the majority of Cuban-Americans had voted for Barack Obama before the final vote count came in. It seems they omitted absentee ballots that many Cuban-Americans use to avoid the long lines in Miami’s sweltering heat. All counts also skipped Coral Gables and Pinecrest, both of which were plastered in Romney-Ryan lawn signs at Cuban-American homes. How convenient. Sure enough when the final votes came into the equation, still without Coral Gables and Pinecrest, 58% of the demographic in question voted for Romney and 42% for Obama with some counts at over 60% for Romney.

The spin machine now seeks to claim that regardless of this count more votes went to Obama than in 2008. And this is true, but the majority are still conservatives. A Miami Herald article called it the “Cuban Conundrum” which points to younger Cubans as “more Republican than their parents.” An Obama official inaccurately described Cuban-American voting patterns as currently more similar to that of other Hispanics. Not only are their voting patterns not like that of other Hispanics, they are far more conservative than non-Hispanic Americans. The real question though is why is it so important to break the bloc? Would the same analysts, pollsters and media, be as thrilled if younger American Jews no longer cared about the Holocaust or Israel?

Naturally for left leaning Americans anti-Communism is always unfashionable. Thus, exiles and their offspring have endured over five decades of attacks intended to discredit and divide them: media that insist younger Cubans no longer care about Communism; university professors who glorify Fidel and Che; mockery of older exiles who lived through random arrests, beatings, torture, block committees, confiscations and daily executions of friends and family; stardom for recent so-called defectors and their progeny, who disagree with historical exiles; and, one of the most common Soviet modus operandi, which is to pit children against their parents. It is actually a marvel and a true testament to conservative Cuban-American values that more have not turned left. Their Republican vote would likely be even stronger were it not for the effect of Republicans’ inexplicable support for the outdated Cuban Adjustment Act. The open door policy for Cuban immigrants (not exiles) who commute between Florida and the island has resulted in new voters who are perfectly comfortable with socialist policies……Read More

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