The Cubanology OP/ED Blog: Capitalism 101 and Book

The actual and complete name of Mr. Leon Weinstein second book is Capitalism 101 – My Tea party principles.” It is now available as an eBook and as a download file for a tiny charge. I am urging everyone to read it. The book to the all online book shelves in a few weeks.

It is essential for everyone to understand fully and exactly what Capitalism is suppose to be. The term and its true meaning has been altered throughout time and Mr. Weinstein’s books will place you back on track to understanding democracy and real freedom. He explains how politics of big government halts the freedom for its citizens to improve themselves and the society around them. Capitalism has nothing to do with becoming rich at all. It has to do with individuality and having the ability to improve living conditions for everyone who is involved. It pushes competition in a positive manner and towards self reliance.

Capitalism is an economical system, not a political system but does need some minimal governing to protect its citizens. A Republic and/or a Democracy type of governments serve as the ideal ones foe Capitalism to work properly because they give the ability and right for their citizens to own private property. Mr. Weinstein, who lived in Russia under a Communist system…..Read More

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