Technewsworld.com: Microsoft Gives Semi-Pros a Free Web Dev Toolbox

Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) on Thursday released WebMatrix, a free Web development tool that it claims lets website developers of all skill levels create, customize and publish websites to the Internet easily.

It also announced an ecosystem of 40 open source application partners around WebMatrix.

This is a revival of a previous project, also called “WebMatrix,” that offered a free tool in 2002 to help Web developers get started with ASP.Net, Microsoft representative Jackie Lawrence told TechNewsWorld.

Microsoft has long been at war with the open source movement — could this be an attempt to re-establish its credibility with OSS adherents?

The Threads Making Up WebMatrix

WebMatrix includes IIS Express, a development Web server; ASP.net, which is a Web framework; and SQL Server Compact, an embedded database, Microsoft representative Lawrence said.

It also includes Razor, a new inline syntax for coding pages that adds dynamic functionality to HTML. This syntax minimizes the number of keystrokes required, Lawrence said. It doesn’t require users to learn a new language.

Microsoft plans to use Razor with standard inline pages as well as with future ASP.Net MVC releases as an optional view engine, Lawrence stated. MVC stands for Model View Controller.

Microsoft’s shipping a beta release of ASP.Net MVC 3 with WebMatrix and NuPack. ASP.Net MVC 3 enables clean separation between models and views, reducing complexity in architectural design and increasing the flexibility and manageability of the code, Lawrence remarked.

WebMatrix lets developers write code in HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) or JavaScript. Developers can use it to write HTML5 code, Lawrence said.

WebMatrix is integrated with the NuGet open source package management system. Formerly called “NuPack,” NuGet lets developers who maintain open source projects package up their libraries and register them with an online gallery or catalog that’s searchable. Client-side NuGet tools include full Microsoft Visual Studio integration.

WebMatrix supports multiple programming syntaxes, including ASP.Net, Razor and PHP, as well as Web helpers. Web helpers give a single line-of-code solution for complex coding tasks such as inserting Twitter feeds of video, Lawrence said.

Further, WebMatrix includes a search engine optimization reporting tool so users can build search-friendly websites….Read More

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