Washington Times Opinion: Iran’s Ambassadors of Death

Two milestones last weekend marked Iran’s emergence as a regional hegemon. On Saturday, Russian technicians began loading fuel rods into the nuclear reactor at Bushehr, and on Sunday, Iran unveiled an unmanned long-range drone aircraft dubbed the “Ambassador of Death.” The events highlighted Iran’s progress in both nuclear-weapons development and the means to deliver warheads across the Middle East.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry called the developments at Bushehr “totally unacceptable,” though despite intense rumors last week of an imminent military strike, Israel has yet to take concerted action. The United States also has declared as “unacceptable” a number of things it has accepted, such as North Korea’s growing nuclear-weapons stockpile. It remains to be seen if the word carries more weight in Israel.

The cliche of the day from the Obama administration is that “Iran’s nuclear clock has slowed,” but this would be news to the mullahs. Iran is producing enough weapons-grade material to make a bomb every nine months….Continue Here

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  1. I am extremely distressed about the upcoming election. When I think about the trouble that is occuring in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East (not to mention the economy) we badly need a experienced leader. I’m not convinced that President Obama or any of the Republican candidates so far have the experience or skills necessary to get the job done the way it has to be accomplished. Being president of the United States is an tremendously difficult job. Is there any man or woman out there with the experience, skill, and moral courage to do the job?

  2. Yes Daniel, I agree. We need someone with experience but we also need more patriotism in America. Americans should stop complaining about everything and start talking “Good” about this country. We don’t owe anyone anything. We must be world leaders again. We need to begin companies here in America and stop sending work to other countries. We have a bunch of thieves in congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, who are just buying time and not deciding on anything. Unsure and insecure so-called leaders, who don’t have the “Nuts” to take responsibility for anything. Yes Daniel you are right but the whole world, in general, is full of these so-called leaders. We need true leadership! Thanks for your thoughts. I have a OP/ED Blog, if you are interested posting your opinion or editorial, let me know: http://cubanology.com/home/oped/

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