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Que Bola’!

HELLO, como estas, how are you doing? I will like to welcome everyone to Cubanology.com. Mi Nombre es Jose Reyes and I am the webmaster of this website and designed this website for many purposes. First of all, you must understand that I have proudly taken the role of promoting, this is why I will be continuously exposing new links of Blogs and Websites that interest me. There are many Websites and Blogs out there that have just started or have not been discovered yet, so I will always be searching for more. I have many links that will be considered specialty links. These links deal with Humor, Science, Computer Tips, Poetry, Food, Tradition and many other topics. I have a Blog where anyone willing could write an article and I will publish it. Cubanology will give opportunity to the Cuban-American community to express their interesting thoughts and innovative ideas. The Non-Cuban community is also welcomed, with their contributions and special writings. This website will be supplying the reader with “Todo Las Estupideces Y Cosas Ridiculas” that are happening  in the world today. This website will also provide the reader with topics on  awareness and encouragement. Cubanology.com will be a strong podium for Cuban-Americans and exiled Cubans around the world, to show the Universe how misinformed they are, daily, with Cuban Affairs from Cuba and the existing, useless Castro regime. “Ahora Mas Que Nunca, we need to be more Tugede!”. We need to keep our traditional values and costumbres alive! Cuban-Americans are internationally  respected y “Son Tremenda Gente” with big hearts! We also are extremely comico and have great imaginations! This website is about supplying this valuable information to all its readers. Goofiando and having fun is totally accepted also!

UPDATED: In addition to all you read above, I have also created a multi-Blog system and where you can have your own Cubanology Blog and write about anything you like. Since I have written the introduction above  (2003) their have been many other ways to communicate, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more. This Website/Blog is always evolving but never losing focus.

Cubanology is under your disposal, take advantage of it, Thank You and Enjoy!

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