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                          Dicharachos Cubanos Archive

    This archive will deal, in general, with Dicharachos Cubanos (Cuban Slangs, Old and New) but there will also be a number of Cuban-American interpretations or Cubanisms or Cubanglish terms that were created here in America, by Cuban exiles, throughout the past 45 years. 

Gathered and translated by José Reyes, Alex Rivero and Sabina Texido

Latest: Part Eighteen: "Part Eighteen: It’s never-ending, nunca se acaba!"

Translations (Cuban to English) & (English to Cuban) (Click on Subject)  

Part One: (Suerte, Fatalidad, Situacion Economica)(Cuban to English)

Part Two: (Pericia, Destreza) (Cuban to English)

Part Three: (Typical Cuban Sayings) (Cuban to English)

Part Four: "Talking Beisbol"  

Part Five: "Personalidad, Manera de ser"

Part Six: Exact Translations (Cuban to English

Part Seven: More Exact Translations (Cuban to English)

Part Eight:  "Clichés" (English to Cuban)

Part Nine: Spanish Proverbs, Refranes Españoles (English to Cuban)

Part Ten: "Cuban License Plates"  (Cuban Only)

Part Eleven A: "Lost in Translation"  

Part Twelve A: "One Word Wonders" 

Part Thirteen: "Más Dicharachos" 

Part Fourteen A: "Medio"

Part Fifteen: "Talking Football"

Part Sixteen: "Teaser"

Part Seventeen: "So Obvious" and "Not so Obvious"

Part Eighteen: "Part Eighteen: It’s never-ending, nunca se acaba!"


                 More to Come Soon, Just Starting!!!!!!!