"Blacklisted Websites"

 By Josť Reyes  

                  This is a compilation of anti-American, anti-Democracy and anti-freedom websites. The websites on this list are either located in Cuba or registered here in the USA or it's owner's are outside of Cuba and not in America. I will separate the websites into 2 Categories "In Cuba" .CU and "Outside of Cuba ".COM", ".ORG"  ".NET" or whatever respective country it is listed on. This list is intended to help the readers of Cubanology.com and also the Anti-Castro, Anti-Communist audience in the WWW "World Wide Web". 

                  We must be aware of all the phony websites out there and the tricks they use to reel us in. Of course there will be the obvious ones but there will be many that you never would have thought they were and most important, those that are located here, in America. I will write a short description on them but I will not add a link to them, since I Do Not want to promote them. I just want to bring them to your attention, so you can avoid them. I will be updating as frequently as possible!      No Links on this Blacklist!  

                                              In Cuba 

Government Websites: Anti-American, Anti-Democracy, Tourism:

Granma.Cu: Castro's number one website in Cuba, the best crap you can read on the internet. Totally communist, which means total lies. He makes everyone in Cuba read this website, but the Cuban people cannot read any anti-Castro websites, like mine. In all different languages to pull the tourist in. 

             Owner: Fidel Castro    Location: Havana, Cuba

CubaWEB.Cu: Promoting communist propaganda and promoting a lot of tourism. Also links with practically all the travel websites supported by Castro's regime and others located around the world.

             Owner: Fidel Castro    Location: Havana, Cuba



                                         Outside of Cuba  

WalterLippmann.com: A real advocate and a clear and present danger to all anti-communist around the world and especially here in America. An American Born super Castro supporter, a writer photographer and Che lover. Twisting and turning ideas around with a utopian Marx outlook of life. He is definitely working and probably, well most likely is in Castro's payroll, be very careful with this man, he is a hard line communist, devoted to the Castro cause and relentless with socialistic lies. If you want to know all of our enemies, especially here in America, check out his website and hold your anger in, if you can. 

Owner: Walter Lippmann? or Castro

Location: New York, New York Transfer News 

Registered in: Panama City, Panama 

TheCubanRevolution.com: I received a very annoying email concerning a restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island. The name of the restaurant is "The Cuban Revolution" and the name of the website also is and is located in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. This is the actual name of the restaurant, which sounds a little curious and to a Cuban-American like myself you would wonder what the actual theme this restaurant was displaying or more appropriately I should say, disguising. Let me explain, before I go on, I know that there are many absurd Pro-Castro websites out there and when I run across them, I tend to discard them altogether and trash them or I take some offense to it and place it on my website so people could see what is going on in the World Wide Web. I write a description about the website and I give my opinion and I continued on with my articles for. When I saw this website it made me mad and not because of the pictures of the Che with the cigar or the pictures of the young Castro with the cigar in the mouth but that it is a restaurant also, it's not just communist statements written in words but a physical structure. Please take a good look at this website, you'll see what I'm talking about. This restaurant has gone way overboard, it is a slap in the face to Democracy, to America but worse of all, it is an insult to the Cuban-Americans here and to all the Cuban exiles around the world. Here is some more information on the restaurant. 

Name of Restaurant: The Cuban Revolution

Location:149 Washington Street, Providence, R.I. 02903  

Phone Number: 401-331-8829

Owners: Edwardo & Mary Morabito 

CommunistPartyUSA.ORG: This website is located in The United States. As you can see in America, one could express his or her opinion, even if it is Communism. Too bad no one is allowed to have a Pro-Democracy website in Cuba or in any other communist country. If the Castro regime would find out about this, the webmaster of the website would probably be serving a "50 Year Jail Term" right now. These people are just trying to make everybody Anti-American, they are the type that are constantly recruiting, especially thugs, who hate America. If they don't like it here, then go and live in a communist country, or maybe the reason why they don't leave is so they can spy for the communist countries. 

Owner: Daniel Queen Associates    Location: New York City

Che-Lives.com: This anti-American website is still trying to preserve the ideals of Che Guevarra. Che Guevarra was full of it! His Communist ideas were created for mercenaries, who's only objective was to take over a country, hang out and not achieve anything, threatening anyone who gets in their way. Communism doesn't work! If you noticed, Communist never say that they are "Communist" until they completely take over a politically injured country. Che is DEAD!  

Owner: ?   Location: ? 

LetCubaLive.Org: Let Cuba Live? This horrendous website deals with  the embargo on Cuba. They figure that by lifting the embargo, Cuba would get better and the Cuban people will prosper. The only one that would prosper would be Castro and his regime. This would be another opportunity for Castro to obtain the American Peso. Castro and the few followers he has are the ones that have to leave so the Cuban people could be free and prosper.

Owner:             Location: Brunswick, Maine

Havana-Rentals.com: Look at this, you can rent a House or an apartment in Cuba, when you go on vacation there. So then you can pay off some prostitutes and have a good time. For those Cubans now in America, take a good look, maybe it's your home or apartment, they are renting out. The Castro regime owns these homes now and they are paying someone off to help them rent it. Notice the languages, "German, Spanish, Italian and French". They even have homes where you could stay with a Cuban family, come on, you think a typical Cuban family would have the money to buy a house like that?

   Owner:  Victor Suarez   Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

CubaTravelinfo.com: Travel website and communist propaganda. Giving you tips when you are in Cuba, where you should stay, eat, customs, what you should pay for a taxi, come on! They say that Cuba is the safest place to travel in the world because there is a policeman on each corner. I call that, "being in jail" or "insecurity". Imagine if they didn't have a policeman on each corner, there wouldn't be any tourism. If it was so safe, then there shouldn't be any cops on every corner, maybe because the people are dying for something to eat, is the reason why the cops are so vigilant there. Of Course they tell you not to converse to Cuban citizens there, maybe they'll tell you something about Castro, but then maybe if that policeman on the corner would hear it, they would arrest them and place them in jail for 8 months. The government also doesn't like for the traveler to talk about democracy to the Cubans, in other words, they don't want the Cubans to know anything about "Freedom". 

                Owner:  ?      Location: London, England 


More to Come!